Life itself will improve if you use the three Taoist rules of „inaction”


Have you ever woken up in the morning with the thought that you have lost control of your life? And you cannot even say what is good and what is bad. Each of us has such days, and, believe me, this is absolutely normal.

You have decided to change the situation, and this is already halfway through. The case is left for small: to understand how to do it.

We all courageously fight our demons. Every day and each in its own way. Your efforts, large and small, deserve praise and applause.

The essence of Eastern philosophy is that the secret of control over your life is not action.

Of course, this statement does not correlate in any way with the key concepts of Western civilization, such as “hard work must always be rewarded” and the eternal pursuit of success. But “inaction” is the “pillar” of Taoist philosophy. This is called Wu-Wei or „action through inaction.”

The so-called “inaction” is exactly what gives a powerful impetus to action.

It consists of three stages: Trust, Appreciate and Just Live.


Remember, whatever happens in your life, it happens for some reason. Therefore, trust the situation and accept it.

If something does not justify your hopes, you may not need this at all.

Do not allow difficulties to break you, in no case give up. Learn to accept that which you cannot change as given. Calmly

Your mind will interfere in every way, but you should not be discouraged by it. And even more so – to succumb to the temptation to surrender.

Trust your intuition, and the Universe will do the rest.

Trusting what is happening is the best thing you can do when confused or in difficult times.

Whatever happens, you should have a smile on your face. Life is beautiful, do not forget.

Appreciate what you have

Notice and be grateful to the fate for the smallest gifts: clear sky above your head, the smell of ozone after rain, the chirping of birds or the bus that arrived in time.

Thank for all that you have, and soon notice that you have ceased to complain about life, that you have something or someone is not.


Just change the angle at which you look at life. Take it as a huge gift, not a place where you constantly have to deal with obstacles.

Initially, you will not be easy. But believe me, this is the road that should be taken.

Appreciate the people you love. Talk to them about your love, give warmth. Life can end at any time, and you will never forgive yourself for not having time to say something. Remind them daily to appreciate what you have. Speak how much you love. And most importantly – learn to forgive. Even if you can not forget.

Just live

Cogito ergo sum – “I think, then I exist.” This is said Rene Descartes. So think. Ponder your life. Analyze your past and try to imagine a better future.

Just imagine how many transformations of atoms occurred in the Universe, so that you could appear and form! Yes, only this should cause surprise, delight and happiness.

This is the first step you should take.

Imagine your future, but be careful – do not get carried away with visions and fantasies. Not everything can and should happen, as you drew in your head. After all, life is not a domino game.

Accept with all your heart and be grateful for the present moment. Your intuition, which is as inexplicable as the existence of God, will guide you through life. Very soon you will notice that there are all new opportunities and chances around.

Life is not necessarily a series with a lot of trouble and problems. As Rudy Francisco wrote:

“It doesn’t matter if your glass is half empty or half full. The main thing – you have water.

Drink it and stop complaining about life.

Muscles appear from many hours of training with dumbbells, which are created for this. Therefore, if you feel that your burden is too heavy, stand up straight, chin up. This is such an exercise.

When the world collapses around you, look at the wreckage, and then build something new from it. Everything can always start over.

Remember, you are still here. A human heart beats about four thousand times an hour.

Every heartbeat, every heartbeat literally shout: „You’re still alive!”

You are still alive. Act on this.


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